Deep Powder at Alta

The Cafeteria line at Alta for fresh helpings of POWDER!
38" in 24 hours, all untouched. They got so much snow Tuesday and Wednesday that they didn't open yesterday so it was all fresh today. Posted by Hello



Another fresh helping of snow has blessed our campus. 24 inches in 24 hours at Alta today. Unfortunately the canyon road was closed so I wasn't able to enjoy any before class. On another note, on her way to work Terri used her impressive MN driving skills to plow her way up Parley's Canyon which was chains or 4x4 recommended. Our Oldsmaru can handle anything.Posted by Hello


The Decemberists

A Day in the Life of 2 Ts Terri and I went to a show tonight, The Decemberists. It was really good. I suggest you give them a listen to.


My photo on Alta's website

A Day in the Life of 2 Ts
Here's a link to one of my photos on Alta Ski Area's website.
It's the second photo in on the top row.


Welcome to a typical day in T1's life. It's about 1.36 am. I've been at school since 9 am working on this model. It's finally done, but the project isn't. I still have some drawings and another small model to make. I'll do that tomorrow, right now I'm cashed and want to get home to Terri. Posted by Hello


Not my best photo, but not my best camera either. It's cloudy and rainy today. The clouds are stuck on the mountains and look really cool. You can kind of see them in the background. On the upside, all this weather means tons of snow up at the ski resorts. On the downside, I don't get to ski any of it. Posted by Hello


Per Terri's request, here is another shot of me skiing this last week. My friends and I weren't really supposed to be skiing in this area. But can you blame us? Look at that snow! Posted by Hello



A Day in the Life of 2 Ts
In case anyone was wondering, Alta got about 21 inches today. Needless to say, the skiing was epic.


The last day of Ryan and Mindy's trip. You can't leave Utah without a picture of yourselves in the mountains. Can you? Posted by Hello


Our friend Ryan, up in the mountains between SLC and Park City. This is one of the huge resevoirs that provide water to Utah. Too bad very few people here in our desert climate understand what water conservation is. Posted by Hello


To give our friends a good view of SLC, we took them up the Avenues to give them a good panoramic. Just so happens that this is the view from my friend Matt's grandparents house as well. Must be tough having this view out your window. Posted by Hello

Our friends Mindy and Ryan flew into town today from WI. Showed them around town a bit while looking for some new patio furniture. Who new that someone just down the street was having a yard sale and had just what we were looking for at just the price we could afford? So we broke it in with a little brat grilling on my stainless steel grill. Posted by Hello


From our front yard

This one's for you Sam. Sure, Mt. Rainier is nice, when you can see it. But Terri and I get to see these nearly every day, all around us, and only minutes away. The moutains in the background that is. Posted by Hello


This is the view from near the entrance to the architecture building. Posted by Hello


Waiting for Trax for a lift up the hill. I'm still not quite strong enough to push the fixie up the mountian. coming down is another story. 30 MPH is pretty quick when you can't coast. Posted by Hello


Terri's wonderful landscaping work around our new gardens in the back yard. Posted by Hello


Terri is very proud of her first batch of homemade Mac'n'cheese. Posted by Hello

A little project is underway in the back yard. Denali is supervising. Posted by Hello


For those of you who haven't seen the ring or heard the news, here it is. Posted by Hello

Another new Blog

A Day in the Life of 2 Ts
I'm going to be starting another blog soon of random photos of mine.
See the links on the right.. T1's photos


A little longboarding action from a couple of weeks ago. Just started this blog, so there is a lot of catching up to do. Posted by Hello

From our garden Posted by Hello