big smiles

Nicky's Monkey

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Camp Timberlakes

Veggie Chili


Augie enjoying the fire

Nothing is more relaxing than a night at Doug and Nicole's at Camp Timberlakes in Heber

2nd Annual Pajama New Years Day Brunch

This year we're very thankful to be surrounded by terrific friends.

Its been awhile

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Laid off.

Some may have heard, but for others, I was laid off from my job on Monday. Fortunately for me, I have this incredibly cute kid and great wife, to lift my spirts. I mean, come on, how can you not feel good looking at this little guy? 
I currently have a small side project that I'm working on (though now without a job I can't really call it a side project.) I've been interviewing and looking for a job for the last few months, as I saw this day coming. No luck, yet, but if the economy didn't suck, I feel I'd have a couple of job offers already. I'm currently waiting and keeping my fingers crossed for a job I interviewed for on Tuesday. Should hear back tomorrow hopefully. Send positive vibes my way...
Also, I changed a few things on the "Good Stuff" links on the side. Moved the Mid-century mod-ification blog to another location, and everyone should check out utahmodern.org.


Stair Climber

Max has been working on this for a couple of weeks now, and as you can see, he's pretty pumped to show everyone.
You can also hear, as he nears the summit, how the altitude here in SLC affects him.


new walker

We got this walker for Max a little bit after Christmas. And like all the other toys we got him he showed interest for a few minutes and then moved on. Now, he'll take a few steps with it, but then realize he can crawl a lot faster.


New Swing

Max got a new swing from Omi and Papa for Christmas. We hung it in his playroom until it gets warmer.
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The Christmas Kids Table

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Party Cracker

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Georgetown or Duke?

Mary Rose and Gina are going to have to duke it out. No pun intended.
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