Weekend update

Pretty big weekend this week. T2 and I went to the Utah Arts Festival with some friends. I thought it was okay and there were some good artists there.
A friend from work invited me to be a sub on his baseball team this weekend. It was fun but we got beat really badly. I played as well as can be expected having not played for 7 years. I still remembered how to do everything, just wasn't as strong as I used to be. I played center field and had a couple of good plays, but one error in the very first inning. I let a ground ball roll under my glove as I was charging it to make a play at home. Would have had him if I didn't miss the ball. My appearance at the plate wasn't so hot. While it takes a little getting used to having someone throw fastballs at you, the poor strike zone calls by the ump didn't help. But I took some batting practice after the game so maybe next time I'll be able to at least touch one of the balls with my bat. At anyrate it was fun being back out on the field, even though I'm pretty sore today.
Terri and I also saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith yesterday. It was good, very action packed. Not quite as good as Batman Begins.
As usual, more yard work today, mowing, weed and feed, etc. Thanks to Terri, our gardens are doing excellent. Maybe a photo will be forth coming a before and after picture or something.


On occasion, T2 and I will see something like this in the morning on our way to work. Posted by Hello

While the last photo update was the view from the top of Snowbird. This is what it looks like from the bottom. It's strange to think that somewhere up there, there is still good skiing. Posted by Hello


Yes, that is snow. Yes, you can see Salt Lake Yes, I did go skiing. And yes, it was June 19th. Utah is ridiculous. There was probably a 40 degree temperture drop from the top of the mountain to our house in the valley. Pretty nice considering it was 90 degrees yesterday. Snowbird still claims to have 109" of snow on the mountain still, which judging from what I saw yesterday, is believable. Posted by Hello


so, tristan finally got his new suit for the wedding.  Posted by Hello


My new and first nephew. Introducing...Logan Bluth (and mom)! Posted by Hello


June snow storm

It's snowing really hard in Park City right now.


Football match

T2 and I went to the US national soccer team and Real Salt Lake double header on Saturday. It was really awesome. The US team beat Costa Rica 3-0, but Real lost 0-2. We've been looking forward to the matches for weeks, and we weren't dissapointed. Terri has found a new appreciation for soccer. She doesn't give me as hard a time when I play FIFA on the computer now. I also broke up a near fight at the game. Unlike European soccer, it wasn't between two opposing fans, just two old, fat, immature men. They were all up in each other's faces yelling at each other, then when one turned around he elbowed the other in the stomach. This guy was about to go off on the guy when I grabbed him and shoved him back. It was really crowded and Terri was right behind me so I didn't want it to escalate any more. It was pretty funny. Sorry no pictures to show for it, but I wasn't sure how good our seats would be.