More Moab photos

So, see if you can follow this. You need to go to www.t1photos.blogspot.com or click on the link on the right. Once you're there, click on the Tristan 1 link. You'll find a secret stash of photos there.

Here's a teaser of what's to come from my trip to Moab, but we have to go to work now. Posted by Hello


New website link on the right!!!

Well, I'm a little behind the daily update. Sorry to disappoint everyone. With all the season finales going on T2 and I have been very busy. But actually we have been busy. I went skiing last Saturday at Snowbird. It's strange leaving the house at 80 degrees to go skiing in ski pants and a jacket. It was beautiful, sunny, and the snow was soft. Perfect spring skiing conditions. We've been busy with some wedding details, getting the invitations ready, and all kinds of other lists. Sorry there isn't a photo for today, but there is a new website link over on the right you should all check out and pass onto your friends and family. T2 and I are both busy getting ready for some Memorial Day trips. T2 is going to AZ again for a bachelorette party, and I'm heading down to Moab for some mountain biking and camping. Should be a good time. We'll both try to come back with some good photos.


This is what Terri and I get to see every morning on our way to work. The mountains recieved so much rain two weeks ago, and then it was sunny all last week, that everything is really starting to turn green and bloom. The mountains look like they're covered in moss. Posted by Hello


T2 and I went for a bike ride the other day. Cruised around and looked at houses for sale. If anyone can spot us an extra $100,000 dollars, with might be able to afford something. Posted by Hello

Denali's Diagnosis

For those who were so concerned about Denali when she was sick, I was able to make a diagnosis yesterday. To recap, she had been throwing up a little everyday for the last couple of weeks. On Saturday we took her to the vet and they ran blood tests which came back with nothing wrong. On Sunday she was really sick, vomiting, lethargic, stretching weird and panting and pacing. It seems that at some point during the week (most likely Saturday on our hike up Mill Creek Canyon), our lovely Denali, swallowed a rock. It was her first hiking trip in the mountains so apparently she wanted to take home a souvinier. And since dogs don't have pockets the next best thing was to swallow it. Rocks just happen to be Denali's favorite toy, and though she has played with them ever since she was a pup, I don't recall her ever swallowing one. You may wonder how I was able to come to this conclusion? I happened to be cleaning up the yard so Terri could mow (she wanted to) and there was something odd about one of her...bathroom breaks? Forensic reports showed that this abnormality was without a doubt a rock.


May snow

So mountain weather is pretty crazy. This is where I work (again) just this last Monday. The mountains got a light dusting of snow, but it's supposed to be 90 by Friday. Posted by Hello


Are you guys sick of pictures of our back yard yet? Tristan and I are very proud of ourselves for all of the hard work we put in. When we moved in our yard was a dirt farm. Unfortunately we are both "over" yard work. I am ready for some summer fun. Tristan was working on his chip shot in the front yard tonight (mine is still better though). Posted by Hello

Skiing at Alta on their last day of the season. Yes, this was back in April, but we can STILL ski here! We were going to go to Snowbird last Sunday, but Denali bear got sick. (She's okay now). This is Terri by the way. Tristan has his school computer home now, so I finally have access to all of our photos. Posted by Hello

Our first Christmas tree. Yes, it was fake, but we were gone for over a week and a real one would have died. Posted by Hello


Here's Terri and Denali hanging out by a waterfall in Mill Creek Canyon Posted by Hello


School is done and grades are in

For those of you who don't know, I finished with school for the semester last Wednesday. It feels good to be done. I got my final grade today and I did pretty well. 3.7 GPA for the semester. I've started work (as you can see from the last post) the day after I finished school. It's been fun and they're keeping me busy with real work, not random pointless jobs. It's been strange being able to go home at a normal hour (not 3 in the morning) and have the whole night to do stuff. Unfortunately the weather has been so rainy the last week that Terri and I haven't really been able to do much. Today, however, is a different story. It's super nice out, lots of people out at the park, yard sales all over, and lots of sun today. After a little yard work I think we'll head up to the mountains for some hiking. Check back later for some photos.

This is where I work in Park City, UT. Elliott Mahoney Architecture is the second and third floor of the building on the left that's beige and green. See them at: www.elliottmahoney.com Posted by Hello


rain on the iris Posted by Hello


Another from AZ. That's all. Posted by Hello

This is from T2's trip to Scottsdale, AZ. Posted by Hello


The suburbs

Terri and I made our first visit to the Salt Lake City suburbs of Utah county yesterday. Holy crap they sucked. We won't be returning any time soon.

We have some gargantuan tulips in the backyard behind the house. They're about the size of my fist. Maybe even bigger. Posted by Hello

So it continues

The never ending saga of the backyard gardens continues. Terri worked hard weeding today, so to help prevent weeds from coming back I laid down some wood bark. It sure makes it look nicer and really makes the plants stand out. Our neighbors gave us some plants, so they'll perk up in the next day or so. Posted by Hello


Internship day one

So, I started my first real day at work today. It's going pretty well, I'm pretty busy already. It's kind of nice to just be thrown into the mix. I'm already working on some construction documents revisions for a house. Here's my firm's website for those of you who haven't seen it.


Drawing 2 for my detail project Posted by Hello

drawing 1 for my louver detail project. Posted by Hello


another view Posted by Hello

my latest half scale model for my materials and construction class. Posted by Hello