Easter Dessert

I want to go to there
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Max likes to chase Denali by pushing his rocking chair around the living room after her.
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Mid-Century dinner

The atomic cocktail wiener

lending a hand


DesignBuildBluff Retreat '09

Decorations @ Caroline's house

late night Bluff hike
Caroline's house - 3 years later

Bluff house - 2009
Bluff shed 2009

Bluff detail - 2009

Airstream @ night

Bluff stories around the fire cauldron.

Hank's dogs

Treetop Eliott


Terri & Max took a little vacation down to Florida to visit his Great Grandparents.
I'm pretty sure that he came back an inch taller and 3 months older.


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evening with Max

Second to last day at Solitude

Terri's ripping it up!

first snowman

A few weeks ago we had a nice snow storm that dropped perfect snowball and snowman snow. Max still isn't quite sure what to think about snow, but he definitely likes flying.



Terri was in a car accident in California last Thursday. She was in the passenger seat of the black car. Luckily, she walked away with only a few bumps and bruises and some whip lash. We're very thankful for how safe Toyotas are, and for side-curtain airbags.