Tadao Ando's Toto (toilet company) building on Awaji Island, Japan



Back-lit fabric walls in Kengo Kuma's Buddhist temple in Tokyo.
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This is the bathroom that I found
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This is me in Japan, looking for a bathroom.
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These pictures show exactly what we are doing here. Running around Japan and taking lots of photos. Thats pretty much it. Every once in a while I get to pause long enough to see this and take a photo.
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Just another day in the Tokyo train staion

cherry blossoms

While we are a few days too early, there are a few starting to bloom.
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There is something magical about this temple. The lighting, even on an overcast day, was perfect, and it did't matter where you pointed your camera a perfectly composed picture comes out.
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This place is incredible!
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Help us out!

Anything you can offer to help us out would be so appreciated. Let me know if you have questions about the program or what we are going to be working on.
Thanks so much.



When I'm not out buying furniture, I'm out taking photos of my thesis site.
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New tables

So, I was supposed to pick up some wood oil for our dining room table that they forgot to bring us when they delivered the table. I came home with a new coffee table and TV stand. Whoops. But Terri has been wanting new pieces that have storage, these just happen to have what she's looking for and they were on sale for a good price. She said that we're starting to buy "adult" furniture. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing?