2 Month Check-Up

Max went to the doctor on Monday for his two month check-up. He weighed in at 10 lbs 3 oz and is 22 1/2 inches long. He is in approximately the 20-25% percentile for all his measurements. His doctor thinks he is perfect. We agree.
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We've got a smile monster on our hands

Dang! Have you ever seen something so fantastic! How cute is he?Max has been into smiles lately. Whether it's in his sleep...
Or right before he fills his drawers. Oh Boy!

This is a sequence of Max filling his pants. But we like to think he just likes smiling at us.


right now

This is what Max and me are doing right now.


Walk around the park

My last day with the 100mm macro, so I thought I'd better get in a few last practice shots while we took Max for a walk around the park. Played around a bit tweaking the blossom pictures.

Max was super interested in something...
But then quickly became disinterested


Max's eye for photography

Awesome Max

Holy crap! How cute is Max?

Whew, Max must have had a rough day sleeping, eating and pooping.

Enjoying some quality time with his Great Grammy.

Last weekend

These are from last week at Rachel and Jason's engagement shower (I guess that's what it was or joint bridal shower if you want to call it that, which is probably why Jason wants to shoot himself in one of the following photos...) I thought some people that check our blog might be interested in some of the photos.

Jason was having such a fun time that he had to use two barrels to show us how much fun. Seriously though, I think he had a pretty good time and that this photo was just lucky coincidence.


papa visit

Max's "papa" came for a too short visit. It's nice having my dad here even if only for two days. I think Max liked having him here too.

Spring has also arrived here in Utah. So I took the chance to play around with that 100mm macro lens I've been borrowing.

It looks like they're having fun, but really Max was hungry and ready for bedtime. And on that note, our little guy is quite the rock star when it comes to bedtime. For the most part we can just put him in his crib without any rocking or anything and he'll go to bed on his own. We've also been fortunate enough to have him sleeping through the night the last few nights (hope I'm not jinxing it.) Not bad for a 7 week old.

Lovin' Bathtime

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Strong Abs

Max curls up in his Baby Bjorn so tight that when you unsnap it he still stays put!
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Max update

Here's Max doing his best impression of "Rocky"

Our good friend, Karla, came to meet Max. We're still working with Max and his manners, as he greeted Karla by warning her about his Wushu kung fu skills.

Max loves ceiling fans.


another hard day at the office

My tracks...

The view out my "office".



It's kind of ridiculous how fast Max is growing. Terri and I decided that he no longer looks like a newborn and has crossed into the baby stage. We think that he is starting to smile voluntarily now, but both times we've thought that have been during diaper changes, so gas may very well be playing a factor in that. But we can be hopeful that he likes us, right?
We took Max and Denali for a walk around the park today. They both enjoyed it. Terri looks pretty great, and she looks pretty great pushing that stroller around too.

And we got a new car, so while Max has crossed into that baby stage, we crossed into the yuppie parent stage.