Maxwell Ronin Shepherd

Our little rock star has finally arrived!
He came a little unexpected, we had planned on Friday having him induced, but he would have no of that. He already doesn't like being told what to do. So he decided that 12 am Tuesday that it was the time.
He was born 02.26.2008 at 15:35, 7 lbs 4.2 oz, 21 inches.
He's just awesome. Both he and Terri are doing great. Terri and I can't stop looking at him. He's great, really calm and seems perfectly content to sleep all day.
Here's some more photos. http://picasaweb.google.com/t1.shep/Maxwell
If we haven't called you back, or sent you a text message, we hope you understand.



The crib is coming along...Painting takes a long time, although with all the multiple coats I'm hoping that it'll hold up the beating I expect it to take from toys serving as improvised hammers.
I have one more round of sanding and then another coat of paint, which will be done just in time, since we go in this Friday to get this labor thing underway!!! Come sometime on Saturday we should have a little boy to put in this thing...


Thank you Paige!

Thanks to my "cousin-in-law" Paige for throwing me such a wonderful baby shower a few weeks ago! It was great to spend time with family and we made this beautiful quilt together.

Pre VDay

Tristan and I feel pretty strongly about not celebrating Valentines day. We prefer to remember that we love each other on every other day of the year (when not encouraged by Hallmark and mall-chain jewelry commercials). But, there we go, just being non-traditional again. Good thing we found each other! :)

That being said, we decided the best place to celebrate would be at the Busy Bee (a local dive bar) with disgustingly delicious garlic burgers. However, as it turned out, Tristan was getting sick and I only wanted mexican. So, we settled on a romantic dinner of Barbacoa, perfectly capped off with a chocolate shake from Carl's Jr.

However, last weekend we had a pre-baby get away. We stayed at our favorite hotel chain - The Hotel Monaco. Denali got to come along and a butler brought her a bed, dishes, treats, and a hand-written welcome letter. She has a tough life.We had dinner at Bambara and it was FANTASTIC!


evening commute

It wasn't a bad commute home yesterday.
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crib update

Toddler bed conversion above.

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View out my office

Here's some of the snow from Terri's office parking lot.

Lots of snow.


I've spent the last few days building a crib and pretending I'm a duck.
I've made some good progress, and a ton of dust.