A few highlights from France


Dinner at the Euro Pub

At the coast - Biarritz (Spain is just in the background)


Annie Stella Home Tour

Back in Oct. we had a private concert by Annie Stella in our living room. It was awesome. Such a fantastic way to hear her music. Max was pretty stoked too. We were glad we could share the night with some great friends. Anytime Annie and her "tour manager" want to play on their way through town, they're more than welcome to.

And Gina was apparently quite star struck.



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Some more Halloween awesomeness!




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Sorry for the lack of postings...We've a lot of catching up to do...
We've been switching computers, getting new hard drives, new modems...being the parents of 2.
So here's one from halloween...
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Thouroughly enjoying the merry-go-round at the zoo.
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Well...it was only a matter of time, and frankly, we were impressed that it took this long, but Max finally could resist no longer.
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I love Fall


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Drinking Buddies

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