House for Sale

Our great friends are selling their house. If anyone out there is looking or knows someone who is looking, you need to check this place out. It's great. Owned and maintained by a great architect and master craftsman/contractor.



Someone told me a few weeks ago that they actually looked at the t1Photos blog, (David) so I actually have posted some new photos over there.


Grassroots Affordable Modern Kitchen Contest

Kitchen Contest

I hope that you haven't lost that voting mood...
One of our fav local blogs, Grassroots Modern, is hosting a kitchen contest. We entered our kitchen and it made the to 10 and is now eligible to be voted for. The voting starts today! Obviously, we'd like it if you all voted for ours, but as long as you vote for one, that'd be cool with us.
Go to this site, http://grassrootsmodern.com/2008/11/10/voting-begins-today/
Or here for the direct voting page, http://grassrootsmodern.com/vote-affordable-modern-kitchen-contest/

Our kitchen is the Mid Century Mod-ification.




Max Facts

Here are a few fun Max facts for our friends and family who don't get to see him as often as we would like:

  • Turned 8 months old last Sunday, October 26
  • Is a crawling MACHINE - so fast.
  • Pulls himself up to a standing position on anything he can (new trick as of this weekend)
  • Can say: mama, dada, baba, hi
  • Waves Buh-Bye
  • Just starting to clap
  • LOVES Daycare. He learns SO much.
  • Still enamored with his foster Grandma Pam at St. Joseph's
  • Has the best belly laugh (it is addicting)
  • LOVES his Daddy. Max lunges for him as soon as we walk in the door.
  • A new found interest in Denali (Denali doesn't really return the feeling)
  • Loves all the new flavors in his jarred baby food.
  • Doesn't really like any food I make for him from scratch
  • Definitely has a few bruises from his new found crawling freedom (new hardwood isn't very forgiving)
  • Is very long and lean
  • Teeth Count: still 0
  • Moving from his infant to a toddler car seat this weekend
  • Misses all of his wonderful family spread across the country
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