We've made it

Just to let everyone know, Terri and I made it to Minnesota safe and without any problems. It's nice to be back with the entire Shepherd herd, including all the new nephews and nieces and the dogs.


this is what our house looks like at 12 in the morning after 4 inches of new snow. Makes me want to go skiing. Terri was very excited that I figured out how to get the Christmas lights to work. She's had the decorations up for weeks, but couldn't get them to work. I guess that's why she married me.



Our new sideboard (not a buffet), complete with Christmas decorations. And as not to be the only one without a shout out to the newest member of the Shepherd's, check the links...

Here's our Christmas Tree with its "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" star on top. Also, please note the fresh snow falling outside.


Here's another building in the project. See the final product at... www.arch.utah.edu/shepherdtr/final book layout web.pdf

What it is

This is just part of the project for an Interfaith Spiritual Retreat. This model is showing the chapel portion of the project.


Here's another picture of a model I did for school.


This is one of my models for my latest studio project. T1photos has another photo of it.


Here's a late one for everyon (it's 1 in the morning), but I know how much everyone enjoys updates.



check this out...


I just realized I haven't put up any photos from the trip down to Bluff I took. Come Spring, I'll be doing a Design/build studio for school where a group of students design and build a home for a family on the Navajo Indian Reservation. I'll spend two weeks down there, then one week back in SLC. Posted by Picasa
Here's some preliminary drawings from my latest project. Our final review is on the 5th of December. Man that's coming up quickly. The stress of the end of the semester is starting to hit me pretty hard, so please excuse any harsh comments or lack of contact. Posted by Picasa

From the watch tower

Here's a cool one (I think) of Terri looking out over the canyon from one of the old studio/lookout buidings along the rim. Posted by Picasa


Comin' at 'cha from the Grand Canyon

Here's my two leading ladies, taking caution at the edge of the Grand Canyon. Posted by Picasa


We made it home from Thanksgiving and Arizona without any problems. We left Mesa on Saturday night and stayed at a hotel near the Grand Canyon. So on Sunday morning we stopped at the Grand Canyon for a little sight seeing. P r e t t y spectacular! This is a self portrait of the two of us. We were afraid Denali wouldn't see the slight drop off, so she stayed in the car for this one.


Happy Thanksgiving!
We head to Phoenix tomorrow to my Grandma and Grandpa's house and will be back Sunday. Posted by Picasa



Our new neighbor told me on Saturday that he used to be a professional bounty hunter. Come visit soon... Posted by Picasa

Super busy

So, Tristan has been SUPER busy with school, so I decided that it was time for me to learn how to post to our blog all on my own. You probably wouldn't think it would be that hard for me considering I make a living as a technical writer documenting very spendy software systems - but it was. yay me.

Anyway, we're leaving for Phoenix on Wednesday morning for Thanksgiving and we're super excited to be able to actually spend some time together. Tristan and I haven't seen each other for more than a few hours at a time since we moved into our new house. Last night I clogged the garbage disposal and Tristan said he is beginning to think I am sabotaging things at the house to make him come home from school. (as you may have heard, the furnace broke on me one day after we moved in). Anyway, the garbage disposal is now fixed but I was horribly embarassed to have to go out and buy a plunger at 10:00 at night. I told the check out lady that "it wasn't what she was thinking, and it was really for my kitchen sink."

For your viewing pleasure, you get to see one of my favorite pics from the wedding (and it happens to be one of the only photos i have on my work computer).

That's all... Love, Terri Posted by Picasa


Don't have any new exciting photos to put up right now. It's another busy week at school (surprise, surprise). But here's a random one that I like.


this is the back of our place. It needs some work, but winter is hitting this week, so it'll probably have to wait until the spring. But maybe not, it never gets really cold here.


Terri is so sad that she's in Chicago and wasn't here for the delivery of our new stove, that I had to take a picture and put it up for her. As you can tell, I didn't blow myself up.


Our master suite bedroom with fireplace.

more kitchen

the kitchen with our new black, freezer on the bottom fridge

The super cool exposed brick wall in the living room. We'll put new handmade shelves in there soon.

our new washer and dryer, with stainless tubs.

Living room towards the back yard

Our new House!!

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A Day in the Life of 2 TsNow anyone can post comments to their hearts desire.

Super Denali!

Check out Denali's new outfit! Our friends Kyle and Julie from Montana sent this to us! Denali is going to be the star this halloween!


A new house

We finally closed on our new house today! Woo Hoo! We can't have possesion until Sunday so we will have to do a quick move, but we're SO excited. We will forward our new contact info to you all shortly.

Here are a few pictures, the yard needs some work, but the inside has been completely renovated. However, it does need some new paint. The couple that lived there before LOVED the color lavender. Don't get me wrong, I like purple, but it is a little much... :)



So, Terri and I think that our apartment is haunted.


I'm all out of whitty comments for the night, so you'll have to check the other blog. It's a shame this is what I looked like for most of the ceremony.


Who could forget our awesome string quartet?...Well, Terri can. I guess she was a little bit distracted by other things that were happening while they were playing. Not sure what that might have been.


This is from my last project at school. It's about Zen.


Here she comes!

Here's my gorgeous wife starting down the aisle with her dad. Posted by Picasa


Leading the way down the aisle for Terri, is her little sis, Tori.

Two duckys out for a little swim. Fall has come and gone for the most part in the mountains, but it's moving into the valleys now. What that means is that snow as already fallen at some of the resorts! Ski season is nearly here!


Here's my little nephew, Logan.He's a little stud. A squirmy, rollie stud.


Here's some more Fall colors for everyone...check out some more on the T1photos blog.

For all of you who don't know "Classic Terri", this is her. I'm sure Regan and Carla know this persona of her.

Sam and Regan

Here come Regan and Sam!!!


Looking very stylish, Adam and Kristen head down the aisle.


My Bro escorting Heather down the aisle.