My brother was/is very proud of himself.

Day @ Solitude

My brother and I went skiing at Solitude on Saturday. He hadn't been skiing in a long time, since he was probably 12 or something.  He did amazingly well, or I'm just that good of an instructor. Can't wait for him to move out here so we can go more and get our kids skiing together.


The first meeting

Max wondered, a bit skeptical at first..."who is this man who is all business??"
Oh, ya. it's my crazy Uncle



Typical night

This is what a typical night at our house is like...
slamming things into walls, walking, trying to bite the dog's tail, chasing the dog, laughing, babbling, screaming, slamming doors, sliding doors, and hanging out.


Baby Steps!

The little guy has finally figured out he can walk! Only takes a few steps at a time, but he's getting there!


Waffle time

perfect evening

Scariest Article I Have Read in A Long Time

The current climate situation on the planet may be as severe as the worst-case scenarios predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which issued warnings in 2007 of a future beset by flooding, drought, storms and mass extinction of species.

Read more here...


Sorry Max, this makes my heart hurt... Can anyone explain to me while people still dispute climate change? I honestly don't understand.

Measure Max

My mom made this measuring board for Max and brought it out to us when she came for Max's 1st birthday. We sort of forgot to measure him on his birthday, but we finally got around to it the other night. Max was more interested in trying to get the camera than he was in standing up straight.

Karla & Rick visit

Our friends Karla & Rick came out to visit. We took this picture just before they left for the airport, so I'm not exactly sure why Max has such a big smile...



Big top party

Max had his first birthday party today! He was super excited and was so happy that for those that made it to help celebrate, but missed those who couldn't make it. The underlying motif was a circus, but due to the weather we weren't able to provide the elephant and tiger petting zoo we had hoped for.

Cousin Visit