New Camera

Look at what our new camera can do without any post processing. Sweet.


Five Little Known Facts

Okay Karla... Here it goes:

Fact One -
My legal name, published on my birth certificate, was Amy when I was first born. It was changed to Terri, just Terri, not short for anything, a few days later.

Fact Two -
I DESPISE crowded stores. I absolutely without a doubt would always rather pay more for excellent service and to never have to stand in lines. Hence why we hate Walmart, love Target on Sunday mornings, and miss Kowalski's like crazy. I call it "too much visual stimulation" other people might call it a "social anxiety disorder."

Fact Three -
When Karla and I lived together we split the difference in our utility bills in orders of cream cheese wontons from Lee Ann Chin.

Fact Four -
My husband is my very best friend.

Fact Five -
I am really starting to feel at home in Salt Lake, but I miss Minneapolis a TON - my friends, sailing, Lake Calhoun, Kowalskis (yes, I know that is my second Kowalski's reference in this post, but I really love it), WYC, Music and Movies, proximity to my family, green trees, First Ave, the Har Mar movie theater women's bathrooms, Sawatdee, cultural diversity, etc.

Okay, you're it: Tristan, Rachel, and Katie (Gina get a new blog!)


Merry Ludachristmas

Merry Ludachristmas (30 Rock episode 209), Festivus (Seinfeld), and Regular Christmas Everyone.
It was relatively quiet morning at our place, except for Denali squeaking her toys and whining with sheer joy. Santa, family, and friends were all very kind to us this year. We must have done right. These photos are brought to you courtesy of our new digital camera that Santa brought us. It's a nice and small Canon SD1000. Terri wanted one that she could easily use when the baby comes, and I wanted one that I can covertly take places. Our stash before we tore into it.

Irregardless of how it looks, we were both very excited for all the great gifts for the baby. We got some great clothes, books, blankets, and accessories for the little guy.

Denali, as always, got some new toys. She walks around with them in her mouth whining she's so excited. We now have two new toys that randomly go flying through the air.

The aftermath...

Terri finally got her dream present...a "Smurfs" shirt (not pictured.) She also got a wedding album, that she as not so patiently waited for for two years.

I also had this shirt made for Terri.


Site visit

My morning meeting...
New Snow Last 24 Hours: 10"
New Snow Last 48 Hours: 13"
New Snow Last 72 Hours: 16"


Benson Holiday dinner

Tonight we had dinner at my Grandma's. Traditionally my Grandma would only have her kids over for a Christmas/Holiday dinner, but since my parents live on the other side of the country making it difficult for them to make it out here for dinner, and all my other Aunts and Uncles live here in UT, Terri and I substitute for my parents. It's really nice of my grandma to invite us and it's really nice to see my family.

Ugly Holiday sweater party

It's that time of the year again...To pull out your ugly holiday sweaters (or in our case, to go to the K-mart AMAZING holiday apparel 3-day sale were you can only find this style in the women's section) and join your friends for some holiday festivities.

Ruby, tolerating our antics



Just chillin.
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December Dinner Party

We're in a monthly dinner club with five other couples and hosted this month's party - "Holiday Favorites"! What is better than great friends and great food?!?!

Tristan and Terri


Katie and Deirdre looking fabulous.

Our friend John was the tooth fairy.

Yes, Tristan was an American Gladiator.


Winter Trees

Trees at nights

Trees in the morning


Japan Quilt

My mom made us this awesome quilt that incorporates some photos that I took in Japan. Thanks Mom!

It snowed a lot today.
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