Denali flipbook #2

Denali hasn't had a flip book in a while. So here is a new one. She still loves to chase Frisbees.

Gnome project

These are the great garden gnomes that Terri's grandpa, Don, made for us.
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Terri was a huge help in the making of this model! I'm glad she did, I didn't think I'd get it finished, but I'm glad it is. It looks pretty sweet. As you might be able to tell from this horrible writing of mine, I've been up for well over 24 hours. I'm done.
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getting closer to completion

Here's my model almost complete. I need to add balconies and put in on a site base, but the important parts are done!


Making Progress

Less than a week now until I'm done with school! Wicked stressed out right now. So much to do, so little time.
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Lamborghini in Tokyo


Master's project process model

Here's a model. Nichole and Doug were wondering what it looked like. Here's what it looks like at sunset.


Kyoto Day 1

Kyoto Day 1 photos are up on the same site I sent links to previously.
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New Link on the right

This was a wicked slick building. I've added a link on the right. Check it out. And yes it is 4:17 am.
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More Ando

For those guesses on the other post of what I was taking a picture of, the correct answer is "myself."
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This was built by ship builders, because they were the only ones with the mad welding skills.
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Pau, France

For those of you that didn't know,
while Tristan was in Japan, I was in France!The boulevard.

Who knew there were palm trees in France? Not me...

Doesn't it look like this sad little car wants to come out and play?

This is Henry IV's castle, which in in the town center and toured on our first day.

This is the our Pau office. Our Captiva offices are on the third floor.
The crazy round sphere is a conference room.


Springtime in Utah
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Who can tell what I'm taking a picture of here?
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