Fall time

Went bouldering and took a hike today.


house update

For those that missed the announcement of the other site dedicated to the update on our house, I posted the latest and greatest images of the remodel. www.mid-centurymod-ification.blogspot.com


New Carpet

Good bye cat pee carpet, hello new carpet smell!

Tristan's Dad convinced us of the dire need for new carpet on our lower level. Especially in Max's room. Unfortunately, I think we had gotten used to the smell. So two weekends ago, we moved everything out of the downstairs, ripped up the old carpet (thanks John!), had the whole downstairs painted, and finally the new carpet was installed last Tuesday. It is pretty "boring" by our standards, but it doesn't smell like cat pee and I am willing to walk on it without shoes, so we'll take it!

Breaking in the new Kitchen


You best be registered to vote

If you're not registered to vote, this website will help you do it.
It doesn't mean you're voting for Obama, but you should.



Workout time

Everybody ready?
And 1.

And 2!

And 3!

And 4! Nice work.

Another First

His first shoulder ride.


Maxwell Shepherd, Esq.

On his way to Duke. We miss you Gina!


Rockin the Sub Pop

This is the Sub Pop onesie that our good friend Sam got Max when he was first born. Max is just now able to fit into it.


Think before you speak

As the race heats up, here is a little ditty that I really enjoy:


Factcheck.org is a non-partisan website where you can check the facts on both sides of the proverbial political fence. No matter what your politics are, if you're going to talk about it, kindly remember to know what you're talking about.


First Boating Outing

Max went on his first boat ride this last weekend. He totally loved it. He made motor boat sounds the whole time, except when he was falling asleep from the sound of the real motor and rocking/jarring of the boat. His life jacket was so funny. I think he liked that he didn't have to hold up his head which made it easier for him to fall asleep on the boat.

6 month photo shoot

Can you believe it's been just over 6 months! Max might be a light weight (he's only 14 some pounds), but he's one happy little kid.