This one is from Seattle and the Public Market

Big Waterfall

This is a big Multnomah waterfall just outside Portland. It's a surprisingly long hike to the top of it.


Great Salt Lake

Dan's taking a little stroll in the Great Salt Lake. We didn't quite come prepared to float in the lake, being that it is about four times as salty as the ocean, so this was the best he could do.

Antelope Island

Terri's parents and sis are in town this week. Plus, it's a state holiday today here in Utah, so Terri and I had the day off. We capitalized on this by making our first adventure out to the Great Salt Lake and Antelope Island. A storm was blowing in across the water, but never really developed into anything. Utah storms are lame, unless they bring snow.

Terri stole my camera from me. I was not happy.
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Rock Everywhere!

Look at all those boulders and cliffs. After three years of graduate school I finally got to go climbing. Who knew that it would take me that long to do one of the things that I really came out here for. For that matter, it was the first time in about 4 years since I put a harness on and climbed some routes. Needless to say I'm pretty weak, but now that I have somebody to climb with (Chris, in the photo with his friend) I might actually build back up some finger strength.

Uinta mountains

On the way to Ruth Lake, in the Uinta Mountains. Not a bad place to be.

High Uinta High Climbing

Mr. Talvy, the Rock Star. Get it...rock star, rock climbing, he's a star and he's climbing rocks. Rock Star.

Something old

So, this might be familiar to most, but we got a new external hard drive the other day and I've been trying to move all my photos over to it. My computer's hard drives were starting to fill up and backing up to DVD takes so long and then I don't have easy access to all of my photos. This is important because I have a brother and sister who have been waiting on me to print/send them some photos for decoration. Having been so busy with school in the past, I wasn't able to make that a high priority. Now I hope that I'll have everything in one spot and will soon have time to put something together for them. So what all this mean to the posted photo is that I've had to re-map where all my photos are and this takes a while to update so this picture of my Master's project model was up and available and I like it so here you go.
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More from canon beach.

I'm tired of writing captions.
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surreal Ecola State Park

Sadly, we couldn't find any Ewoks.


A brief summary our our vacation

Cannon Beach, OR. We want to live here.

Terri fell in love with Gelato on our trip.

Doesn't Suzy look beautiful?


Seattle Public Library

The view out our Seattle hotel window.
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golden gardens seattle

Good friends and good times in Seattle. It was so good to see Sam and Emily. Hanging out with them would a major bonus to us moving here.
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Ferry to Bainbridge Island, Seattle in the background.
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sunset on the coast

Dad, does this help with the location? It is apparently one of the most photographed places in Oregon...
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We're on vacation. anybody name this spot?
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