Here you go Dad...this one has a person in it. I have tried to get more people in my architectural photos, but there aren't always people there. Posted by Picasa


So, I've been horrible at keeping this up. Sorry about that. Well, it's been crazy hot here, the wedding is eating up our time, but well worth it. The meeting we had yesterday at Millcreek went really good and we got a lot of stuff figured out. The guest list is growing, but we're still waiting on a few people. That Posted by Picasa


With super hot temps upon us this week, even up in Park City, here's a cooling photo for everyone. Posted by Picasa


Terri got to use her new KitchenAid mixer for the first time last week. Oh Boy was she excited!! Posted by Picasa


This is the famous Flatpak House, by Charlie Lazor. It's in Minneapolis by Cedar Lake. We stopped by there when we were in town over the 4th of July weekend. The designer's wife even gave me a tour of the inside! Posted by Picasa


Last weekend

This is the newest addition to the collection at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN. It was designed by Herzog and de Meuron. The exterior is clad in a diamond perforated stamped aluminum panel. Very nice stuff. Posted by Picasa