Chirstmas Dinner

Like last year, Katie's parents invited us to their Christmas dinner. They were even brave enough to invite Max, who didn't disappoint as the evening's entertainment.


Red Pelican Photography

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christmas days album

Max's first Christmas '08

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First time sledding

Finally got to take my little man Ronin out sledding. He took it kind of like he took swimming for the first time. No fussing, just really mellow and a little cold. Although he did just wake up from a nap and was still a bit in the sleepy mode. Next time we take him will have to be when he's crazy hyper.

Max & Kona

Cats don't like crazy, crawling, attack babies.

Holiday Party

We took Max out to our friends' parent's Holiday party. Had a really good time. Max was a champ. Entertaining guest on the rocking chair and just with his general adorableness. Until he passed out (and was still a champ just chilling with his Mom.)

Max Christmas Play

Push Toys

Max loves push toys right now. Thankfully we have lots of wood flooring for him to take advantage of. ( And yes, that is rug burn on his nose. He took his first trip off the couch a few weeks ago.)
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The car that Ethan built...

Is Max's new favorite toy.
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Lily Guilder

We were so lucky to have my dear friend (and very talented designer) Caitlin stay with us for a night on her trek from LA to NYC. Max adored her and is looking forward to some baby Lily Guilder rock star wear.
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Big Boy Bath

We're a little behind in posting, but sometime last month Max graduated to the big boy bath tub. He still loves his bath.
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snow globe

We woke up this morning to something shaking our snow globe.


We've finally received some snow over the last week or so. Really makes me love our house.


Thanksgiving Feast - better late than never

Max enjoying his sweet potatoes

Steve carving the turkey and in general being manly.

The feast. This year we sure have a lot to be thankful for.


We just put up our Christmas tree! Max is stoked.
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Max & Uncle Steve


Tristan's old roommate, Steve, spent Thanksgiving with us. We had a wonderful visit. We miss him...
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