Max's First Birthday!

Can you believe that Max is already 1! Thank you everyone who sent gifts and cards and called. Max had a great time with his cake, and Omi and great-grandmas. We're all looking forward to his big party this Sunday, more photos will be forthcoming...



3 of Max's favorite things: crawling under things, things he can shake and make noise with (those blocks rattle), and smiles.

Winter Hike

Max and I took a little hike up the canyon above our house today. Man, I am out of shape. He was in another of his chill moods, I was hoping that he'd be all hyper and want to crawl around in the snow, but he was ready for a nap and just sat there. All in all though, it felt good to get out in the snow and mountains with the little guy.


Mischief in his eyes

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We lent Max's bouncer to a friend for her new baby, but Max wanted one last turn. It was like the Chris Farley skit "Fat Man, Little Coat."
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Rachel's Baby Shower

Can't wait to meet her!



Max is really into crawling under, over, around, and behind things.


mass upload

we had a photo shoot today with Max since he was in a preppy outfit and it was snowing outside and it'd been awhile since the last one. Lots of updates for everyone...Max has teeth finally, you can see his two middle bottom teeth poking through in some of the photos, but he also has his two upper vampire teeth as well. Those are harder to get a photo of, but it's pretty funny when you do see them. He's also getting close to walking. You can see that he's able to stand on his own and he can squat and stand up. Now it's just a matter of time before he starts moving his feet. No words yet, but we think he's close to saying dog. As for me, I found a new job. I started 3 weeks ago, but just haven't let the blog know. I'm working for HunterDouglas Facades. So far it's been a really nice change and a better atmoshpere for me.



Fwd: @grandma


> He doesn't get to do this at our place. Fortunate for Max he has a
> great grandma who didn't hesitate to pull out the Tupperware.



Max has been super talkative lately. For the last few weeks he's been making this  super cute sound that he does a little bit in this video. We finally realized we need to get it recorded before he stops doing it.