Asheville, NC

Over Memorial weekend, I went to visit my dear friend Allison in North Carolina. We met during the first few months I lived in SLC in a pottery class, and she was my very first friend in Utah... She is wonderful and I miss her very much!!!

The view out Alli's front window.





Good ol' Svenner.
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Bluff Bash '07

I've been down in Bluff for the weekend having a good time. John, Denali, and I came down to check out the latest Bluff house and hang out with some of the current crew. We also took the opportunity to install a hand water pump at Caroline's house so she can access all the water that's collected in the cistern. She still doesn't have electricity, and the pump we initially installed is electric. We weren't able to address the roof/wall leaks since we haven't had the time to raise enough money. If you want to help her out, and you should because she's wonderful, you can donate to Design Build Bluff attention Caroline House. That will help us afford material to fix the leaks and possibly help her get electricity faster. Think about it. Check out the designbuildbluff blog, where I was the guest blogger for the weekend.


I'm heading back down to Bluff again this weekend so I should have some good photos to please your visual senses soon. Plus I got a new lens for my camera that I'm diying to try out. Until then here's a rendering from my Masters project.

Yep, another shot of a great day in my life.
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A rare picture of me smiling. Enjoy it. And you can call me Master now.

Library exhibit

Something weird happens to this file when it goes through this program. It's kind of interesting so I'll use it anyway. A ridiculous amount of time was spent on this project, and really only a fraction of what is going on with my project is displayed on this board. I put a book together so maybe I'll post that sometime soon.


Final Master's project

So here it is. Months and months of work and this is all I have to show for it. This is my final master's project presentation.