Thesis progress

Here's an updated model from my thesis. For all those wondering what exactly it is, I'm designing a new live-work model I'm calling: "live-with: a new typology in co-op live-work, intergration through overlap of work and residential." Or something like that. Basically it is looking at new work environment trends (such as the Google headquarters, and IDEO) that provide home-like amenities and small city/neighborhoods type feeling within the workplace. These work models don't have residential componets however. Most live-work developments are for single, individualistic businesses and don't provide for social interaction between residents. My project is looking at how work space and live space can come together in a single company (an industrial design company more specifically.)

crazy drive up Parley's today

It's been snowing like crazy here lately. It's about time, but makes me bummed that I don't have time to go skiing. Anyway, today is one of the 2 days I go to work so I felt like I should brave the snow. It was pretty sketchy, cars were sliding around all over the place and I saw more than a few cars in the ditch and in accidents. I checked the online paper once I got to work and they were reporting 70+ traffic accidents today. Me taking pictures while driving did not cause any.
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sexy model

More architecture master's project models.
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Why aren't you here Skiing?

Woke up to a nice winter wonderland scene today.
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Caroline's house

Rammed Earth and Plants. Check the Bluffblog for the update...
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Here is Montgomery making sure we are on the right road.
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Table #2

This is the entry way table that I built for Terri for valentines day. As you can see it is for our keys, and other items (like wallets, phones, ipods, mail) that we used to throw on the old table we had in the dining room. The oiled hardwood is designed with a slight slope to it that dives into the stainless steel angle frame to catch the keys and loose change before it slides off the table and onto the ground. I still have to sandblast the stainless frame, but I didn't have time to do it before V-day.
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new table

So here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for, our new dining room table. 10'10" of shiny chrome and wenge stained oak veneer.
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Thesis progress

Here's the latest work.


shameless plug

Sam finally started a blog. He's cool. You should look. www.dontkillsam.blogspot.com

Utah Ore Sampling Mill

This is an old building near my site for my thesis. It was a building that tested ore sample quality for the nearby smelters.


another version

Here's another concept model version.
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Thesis work

Here's a plan view of a sketch/concept model I made. Not really sure where I'm heading with it, but this is the type of stuff I do in studio.
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New Table

My wife no longer hates me now that I bought her this new dining room table. It's being delivered soon. Hopfully that will be enough time for us to find some chairs for it. We like the style of the orange one in the photo, but orange is a little too much for our dining room.
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new table

Here's our new table, in the closed position. This badboy extends out to 10'-10" long. that's big, so come on over and we'll have dinner, but you have to stand because we can't afford chairs for it now.
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stair and bridge

A closer detail of the stair and the bridge (that I also did) behind. These pictures were taken late at night, so the lighting isn't great. When the house is in a photo-shoot ready condition, I'll go back and take some more.
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Interior rail

Here's the stair and landing railing the I finished last night. This was the last section of railing to install!! I'm done.
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