make you yawn

Big little hand


our jedi knight

He likes to play Jedi mind games on us.

Max getting some relief.

You shouldn't have to listen too closely to see what life with Max is like.


Max seems to think so...

Easter Fun


100mm lens tests

Borrowed a sweet lens from a friend so that i can decide if I want to throw down some dough to purchase one. So far it's pretty sweet, but I need to shoot some when there is some better light to see how it really works.



Since finishing school, I haven't been checking my school email much. Today I did and came across and email from the folks running the Design Build Bluff program. We had some press on this website, http://www.gizmag.com/architecture-low-cost-less-efficient-housing/8845/


2 week check-up

Not too much to report...Max had his 2 week check-up and all is great. He weighs in at a staggering 7 lbs 8 oz. When he's not eating, he's usually passed out, or hanging with his great grandma Jewel.


Milk drunk

This is what Max looks like drunk on milk.
This is what a milk drunk hangover looks like.


We got the paintings that Terri made up on the walls, and hung the sheep mobile.

A typical day this week

Max and his Omi getting some quality cuddling time in.
It's been great having my mom around, even it is just to hold him for a bit.

He doesn't use it much, but when he does, it's pretty cute.

This is how we've been spending our afternoons

finished crib

This is the completely finished crib now that our custom bedding has arrived. My mom arrived at the beginning of this week and brought the bedding with her. Let's just say that Max's Omi has some mad skills when is comes to sewing and quilting. Terri and I picked out some fabric that we liked and my mom whipped us up some wicked cool bedding for the crib. We also have two other fitted sheets that I'll be sure to post when we put them on. In addition to the bumper pads and sheets, she also made two quilts for Max. One is in the vintage classic "Dick and Jane" motif along with some other fabrics that we picked out, while the other is and old favorite of mine, "Paddington Bear", from the time I was a wee little lad in England.


One week old...

I'm sure you're all wondering, "what's going on with Max? it's been a few days since the last update..."
I've been busy trying to get some stuff done with work and didn't want to get side tracked looking through the photos of him because he's so cute. Plus I have him laying next to me sometimes while I work and that's pretty great. So, here you go with a few more photos to cycle through your desktop wallpaper until the next installment...Max's first night in the handmade cradle his grandpa made.

Max lazily modeling the blue berry hat his Aunt Nicky made for him.

Just being awesome.

Just being even more awesome.
Currently, Max is not showing a lot of interest in Architecture. I hope he comes around to it soon.

And some of you might be thinking, "enough of the cutest kid ever, what's going on with Denali?"
Well, she's be great, and in her typical fashion, if you give her a new toy to play with she could care less about anything else going on in the world. She won't even sleep unless you yell at her to go to bed.


Max day 5

It's been a great, but long 5 days now. Max, Terri and I are doing great. He had a little jaundice when we left the hospital, but two days of "glow bug" therapy (see photo below) and all seems to be well. Tonight will be the first night we don't have to keep him on the light bed. He should really like that. We have some incredible friends here. While I left to finish the crib, which John and Mark had helped put the final coat of paint on the other day, Katie, Rachel, and Dierdre kept Max company and let Terri get a little bit of much needed rest.

He is really getting to be the most awesome kid ever. We're quite enamored with him.