went climbing. it was fun, I am weak, it is sad.
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Seattle Public Library

The emergency stair well in the Seattle public Library


First photos for you

Exciting day at the doctor's this morning. Here are the first photos where the baby actually looks like a baby. In the first one you can see the baby raising its hand in greeting. The second gives a good profile with lips open and cute button nose. The last, as labeled, feet and toes sticking out. It has been quite the change since the last visit when the baby really only looked like a jellybean.


R.I.P Sock Monkey

"HELP!! I'm being eaten"I'm sorry, but there is nothing we can do to save Sock Monkey now.
R.I.P Sock Monkey

Birthday breakfast

This might be the most awkward photo I've ever posted. But believe me, these are the most delicious pieces of French toast you'll ever taste.
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Subliminal Messages

Somewhere in this photo is a hidden message. Can you find it?
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Happy 27th Birthday Tristan!


The sunset the other day was incredible, especially when contrasted with traditional blah apartments, razor wire, light poles, phone poles, and cables. But for real, it was pretty amazing and I wish we would have been up in the mountains watching it, but instead we were trying to finish off edging the new sod.
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Great cards

Check out this link www.lichenfrank.etsy.com . My sister's stuff is great.


Ralph Becker for SLC Mayor

Being this is a blog, I get to say anything that I want. I like blogs. That being said, I think you should vote for RALPH BECKER for Salt Lake City mayor. Visit www.ralphbecker.com for more information.


I hurt

After the sprinkler system install.

After the tiller went to town on the dead grass.
The crap load of top soil and sod.

After I got all Zen on the top soil and then walked and wheelbarrowed on it.

The almost complete finished project (version 2)

It's been a rough two days. Our sod from Biograss that we installed last year that was supposed to be all drought tollerant and low water turned out to be not so much. Don't really know what caused it to die, but we were having to water pretty much every hot day or it would start to fade. So, we let it die and the dudes at Biograss replaced it for us, but this time with another type. It looks better already compared to when we laid the sod down the first time. This time we decided to try putting down new top soil. If it weren't for my incredible friends, CB and Josh, I would be passed out on a dirt pile with heat stroke. I am in their debt.

cutest couple

Terri wanted all to know that of all the people at the Bee's minor league baseball game, we were chosen as the cutest couple. We have these flowers to prove it.



From the ferry to Bainbridge Is, WA these seagulls would ride the wind wake created by the ferry. They would get right close the boat without flapping and stangely enough, go faster than the boat if they wanted to, still without flapping.
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If you like what you see...

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