Hoffman Architects

A typical scene inside the office of Hoffman Architects.


Do a little dance

My brother showing the sprinkler some wicked smooth dance moves.
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My Grandpa Shepherd

You'll be missed.

Olde but goodie


Photo overload, and a weekend of camping

Our buns were a little short for our all beef franks. I don't see what's so funny about it.

I think I could go into business teaching people how to make the worlds most perfect s'mores.

Denali rocks.


Haslam shout out

Sick details. Blind Dog and Deep Blue resturant, designed by Libby, built by Mark.
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My new office

Here's where I work. Hans designed this building a while ago. Probably the best building in Park City.

Funky Landform

On every trip down to Bluff we would pass this strange rock formation. We always noticed the cave and it alwayw interested us, but we never took the time to stop. So on this last trip down, John and I took the time. We were disappointed that it wasn't a cave that went through the rock. It was just some weird hole that someone had carved out of the rock. It looks like it might have been something for cowboys, as there were signs of cows around the place.
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