working on the kitchen design...



Mid-century mod

Here's an idea of what the new place will look like once we move in and take care of a few things...


new house wide angle

I hope this gives a little better idea of what the house and site look like.


MACC ride

We've been so busy with house stuff lately that I forgot to mention that I did the MACC ride last weekend. Good times on the saddle.


Under Contract

Well, it looks like the stars are aligning. We received two excellent offers on our house and got it under contract last night. We also went under contract on the new house. Here are a few pictures... We will get more this weekend at the inspection. Now, we just have to pack up the house!

Street view from what will be Max's playroom.

Corner of Living Room

Great architectural details

Very pretty driveway

In other awesome news, Max has an eye infection. :(


I miss my daddy!

House update: After four days on the market, we apparently have an offer coming in on our house! Yay! Hopefully we will receive it tomorrow. Now we just have to handle all the negotiations on both sides and try to keep scheduling showings to get some back up offers. Nothing is certain yet, but we're getting closer...
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House for Sale

Well, we're doing it. We're selling this awesome house! We've put in an offer on another and need to sell our very first home. Hopefully to another great couple or family. Could it be yours?
Here's the listing...http://www.utahrealestate.com/805386
Let us know if you or anyone you know is interested!



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new paint job

Mtv cribs

Here he his just chillin' in his crib underneath the paintings his mom did, and laying on a second set of sheets that his omi made him (I don't think I've shown this sheet yet). He could care less about the awesome sheep mobile that is hanging. He already shows a strong interest in the big lens that is always pointing at him.


bumbo skills

Max rocking a super sweet outfit.

Home Sweet Home?

Tristan and I may be putting an offer in on this house this week. The house is a 1961 mid-century modern design in Holladay, UT. Time forgot this house, as it definitely hasn't been updated since 1961 - complete with spiral stair case, wood paneling in every room, and that 60's smell. Its style definitely wouldn't be for everyone, but it is totally right up our alley! We will keep you posted!
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