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Our friends, Adam and Megan, came to visit and meet the kids, and do a little skiing on the side.
After a few straight years of them coming to visit, we've had a bit of a dry spell for the last 3 years. It was good to have them out and we lucked out and had a great snow storm to dump a foot or so of fresh powder to hit up.

We think Tessa looks a little bit like me when I was a baby in this photo. Which either means I looked a bit like a girl when I was a baby, or the opposite. I guess I looked a bit like a girl, because she is way too cute. We'd know for sure if my dad would send us the CD's of all the scanned photos...

Working some more on his Gymnast skills.

First visit to the dentist...all is well with his teeth.

Playing with sis



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Freestyle Skiing

Max started gymnastics last weekend in preparation of becoming a freestyle skiier.
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kangaroo joey

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What is awkward about this picture?

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