Some of my best boys here just hanging out on the Spryte before the big event. I think I'm going to try and post in the order things happend. That way those of you who weren't there can get a feel for the amazing event.


Here is my beautiful wife before the ceremony. And boy oh boy isn't she gorgeous? Wait til you see the rest of the new photos that are coming! check often


more wedding fotos are coming in. Here we are after the ceremony coming back for our first lunch as Husband and Wife!


Bachlorette Pad

Denali is enjoying her bachlorette pad very much. This was a great gift from Nichole, Sonia, and Tim for our wedding. Denali (and we) thanks them very much. At first she thought it might be a frisbee, because it's made from same of the same material as her frisbee (she is blind and it would almost be an easy mistake). Once she realized that it wasn't, she discovered how nice it was to lay on.

Here's my birthday dinner. If you ever want to have the best steak in Utah, come over to my place. Please take note of our wonderful steak knives and napkins and napkin ring. Terri made my favorite Chocolate Molten Cake, but there isn't a picture of that because we ate them too fast.


Here's a great save by the Jamacian goalkeeper.

I just like this shot. It's another corner kick and if you look close you can see the only player up in the air is a Real player who just played the ball off his head and just misses the goal.

Get ready for some action. It's coming from the corner and heading for number 2...

Here's the action from the Real Goal! Look for number 2, the ball is right above his head milliseconds before going into the goal.

Terri took me to a Real soccer game for my birthday last night. They put on a good show. It was a friendly match against a Jamacian team. They tied 1-1, but the Jamacian goal was pretty weak.


After a tough day of pouncing, Denali likes to curl up with a nice pillow beind the couch. For some reason this is her favorite place to lay.

Here's our "million dollar dog" as the eye vet called her today. She's one expensive puppy to keep healthy. But man oh man can she pounce with the best of them.

Here's Adam, Josh, Sam, and me on a short pause during our speed game of disc golf.


Here we find our awesome new kitchen knives. This thing is just incredible! The way it cut through the chicken was a thing of beauty. And it was only the paring knife. These knives will be the first thing I show people who come over to the house.

Here's a good one for everyone. You get to see what we had for dinner last night. Some of you might remember the Citrus Grilled Chicken? Well, we still have some left over, and it's still good. Also included on our new dinner plates (which is the focus of this photo) are peas and sweet potato fries. You can also see our wonderful new silverware. Which is super cool by the way.


Send us your photos

The entrance from the casino side to THEhotel. Don't remember if I already asked, but if you have photos from the wedding, and would like to send us a CD, or copies or something, that would be awesome! I could even use them as something like a special guest appearance on the blog. Like "Featuring special guest photography by (insert your name here)!"

And a couple of the girls.

A couple of the guys. And yes, that is my happy face.

Here's another of THEhotel from the lobby. I still can't get over the scale and size of all the Las Vegas hotels. As Terri would say, "They're ginormous."


We haven't gotten our fotos from Steve yet so I'm running out of fotos of the ceremony. So here's one from the picnic. But really it's a product shot for my sis who put these together and also did our invatations and flowers and decorations. There's my plug for her. Check out her website link on the right.

For Details

T1 Photography
There are, of course some more photos on the T1 photos too. They are some details of the LV hotel room.

So as not to leave out our post wedding hotel room, this is the Hotel Monaco in SLC. The bed was super comfy, but unfortunately I took the keys to the car and the valet wasn't able to move it so we kept getting calls to the hotel room until we finally answered it at 2 in the morning. Whoops. Posted by Picasa

Here's the other side of the 42" Plasma Room. Uber hip. Posted by Picasa

Even the fish at the wedding were honoring the "T's" of the day. Posted by Picasa


Part of our hotel room in Las Vegas. We didn't really want to come home because this room was so much nicer than our house. That's a 42" plasma TV. Aces! Posted by Picasa


And here is Terri's (now Mrs. Shepherd) bouquet. Gorgeous.  Posted by Picasa

Here's one for my sis. This is my flower thingy that I got to wear. The real word starts with a "B", but what guy knows how to spell it? Posted by Picasa

My Uncle's book

check out...

My uncle wrote a book that everyone should read.


Our first, and last dance ever. Burn this picture to your memory. Me dancing is as rare as me getting married (it only happens once.) Posted by Picasa

You know what I like about this picture....? That you can see my ring!! Posted by Picasa


Here are the Newlyweds in front of the entrance to our hotel, THEhotel, in Las Vegas. Terri is wearing my new soccer jacket. Don't forget to check out T1photos for more pictures of THEhotel. I'm also about to make up for the weeks and months of inactivity on the blog, now that the little thing called a wedding (which is the cause for the inactivity) is over. There will be plenty of pictures so check back often. Posted by Picasa

This is Terri's real wedding band. We picked it up on our mini honeymoon trip to Las Vegas. It's made from Titanium (like mine) and has a row of 15 diamonds. Bling, Bling. Posted by Picasa


The day has finally come! Terri and I were married yesterday!!! It was absolutely perfect. Everything happened exactly how we imagined, except for my uncontrollable crying. but what can I say, I'm a softly and get emotional. Especially when Terri was so beautiful and perfect. Posted by Picasa


This may be the first picture on my blog that I didn't take. But my niece, Natalie, is just too cute. This is her on her first climbing expedition to the mountains of Salt Lake. Posted by Picasa