It's official...

...we're having a baby boy. Once the ultrasound tech dangled the knowledge in my face, I just couldn't resist. He is going to wear boots like this; although, if we had a little girl, she would too.


Park City Panoramic

Terri and I helped out DesignBuildBluff this weekend by volunteering at the Green Home Tour. This was the house that we helped at. It was decent. Very sustainable, but not very striking.
On another note, some people might wonder "Why do Terri and Tristan work in Park City?" For those that have not been here, this is why...This house that we helped out at sits atop the mountains that are on the other side of the basin from Park City. So what you see is an overview of the fantasticness of the PC area, including The Canyons ski resort, some of Park City Mountain Resort, and if the lighting was better probably some of Deer Valley Resort. It's a pretty decent area.

Fall stream

We took a short drive up Lambs Canyon this afternoon to try and find some fall action. We were not disappointed. I hope that these photos do not disappoint you. We had never been up Lambs Canyon, which is an exit somewhere about half way between home and work, but had always wondered what was up there. Mostly its just a nice narrow drive up a canyon with a few cabins here and there. It was nice, since there is only one or two trail heads and no big parking areas, and most of the land is privately owned, so it wasn't busy at all. Plus the colors are really at their peak or close to it. I love Fall, but ever since moving here school had always made me too busy to get out and enjoy all the colors and cooler temps. I always seemed to find time to get out with Terri just after peak in the past, when only a few Aspen still had a few leaves remaining.It's been nice getting to drive by this scenery everyday to and from work and being able to watch and track the progression of color.


Typical fall commute

A nice thing about Utah is that we get an extended Fall of sorts. While the trees have been starting to change up in the mountains, the trees in the valley have yet to begin their chromatic shift. So, this is what our commute to work has looked like for the last week or two, plus a shot of the view out my window, and in a way, Terri's window since her building is the one across the street and her office window looks out onto the same mountain side.

today is a great day

today is Talk like a Pirate day.

My pirate name is:

Iron William Flint

A pirate's life isn't easy; it takes a tough person. That's okay with you, though, since you a tough person. Like the rock flint, you're hard and sharp. But, also like flint, you're easily chipped, and sparky. Arr!

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I don't want all the motorcycle buffs out there reading this to think that Terri doesn't have good taste. Not that the Honda Cub she so thoroughly enjoyed wasn't sweet. This handmade Britten, out of New Zealand, was her second favorite bike, and it was a beauty. This bike sat in a crate for a few years, untouched and unridden. But when the rider took it out to the track, he got schooled by a Ducati. Really, what's the point in having such a sweet bike if you're not going to ride it how it was made to ride? You'd think if you're able to afford this bike, you'd be able to afford to fix it after you lay it down in a tight corner.

Vintage Bike Race

I need to be able to compete with my siblings fancy blogs with their fancy videos. So, while my camera doesn't take high-tech videos, it can do this (after some fancy video editing.) This is a series of 50 photos taken in 30 seconds.
Oh, and if you're really into the whole vintage bike thing, check out the T1 photos link on the right for more vintage bike pics.



Our friends, Laura and Chris, took us out to the Vintage Motorcycle race this weekend. It was their birthday present to me. It was pretty fantastic. One, I've never been to any type of motorized race (that I can recall), two it was motorcycle races (which is way better than other kinds of motor races, except maybe something like Formula 1), and three the bikes were vintage ranging anywhere between the 1930's or so and up to the 1990's I think. It doesn't really get much better than vintage Ducati's, BMW, Indian, Norton, Honda, Yamaha, and Vincent's.

Of all the incredible bikes that we saw, this one was by far Terri's favorite. Go figure.

Friendly Reminder...

The Salt Lake Primary Election is this Tuesday - two days from now. The latest Mason-Dixon poll is showing a statistical dead heat between Ralph Becker (26%), Dave Buhler (25%), and Jenny Wilson (24%). Yesterday, the Salt Lake tribune stated that fewer than 100 votes could determine the outcome of this race for the general election. (Please note that Raph Becker is now the front-runner. My blogging must be working.) :)

YOUR VOTE COUNTS - seriously. big time. i am not kidding. seriously, vote. 100 votes could determine this race. if you don't have a car, call me and i will drive you to your polling location. if you don't know where your polling location is, email me and i will find out. if you have to work, that isn't an excuse. your company is obligated by law to give you time off to vote. and, if you don't know who to vote for, or don't really care, then please go vote for Ralph Becker. It can be your christmas present to me. Thanks.



Oh, and here is were we went hiking. Terri wanted to be sure we wouldn't get lost, but then I took her on a detour to Dog Lake (which she had never gone to, and which we decided is not really worth the extra 3 miles.) Dog Lake was not spectacular. I guess that is expected considering Mill Creek canyon is the closest canyon to SLC that allows dogs and this is the closest hike that has water. So as you can imagine, everyone and their dog chooses this lake to hike/walk their dogs to. I guess I can see why they don't allow dogs in the other canyons that store SLC's drinking water in giant reservoirs.
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Another shot from our hike. This is some crazy aspen bark.
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Mill Creek Hike

While Terri posts about important things like politics, I post things like...Terri, and the baby's first hike.
Mill Creek Canyon
Dog Lake near the top of Mill Creek Canyon
and big, not so angry Moose.

Primary Election - Sept 11

All you Salt Lakers, go mark your calendars now. September 11 is the mayoral primary election in Salt Lake City. This election is probably more important than the official election in November - six candidates down to two.

For more information about polling locations visit:

More information about the candidates...