Denali update

Some of you may have heard that Denali is sick again. I don't think she can go longer than a few months without giving us a scare (and costing us a lot of money.) This time it is pancreatitis, which can be pretty bad if you don't catch it in time. I stayed home with her today to keep an eye on her. She seems to be doing okay, and is perfectly content laying on the steps soaking up the sun.



It seems like there might be some sort of optical illusion on the other image of this railing. The other image makes it look kind of straight. It reality this deck has a 152' radius to it.



I hope that this works this time. I've been trying all day to get these to post. By request, here are some more overall images of the railing.



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Ice cable detail.


End cap termination detail
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corner post detail.
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I hate blogger

So this whole new Google account blogger thing sucks. It won't let me post more than one photo at a time. Not sure why it doesnt' like me. So I'll try posting the individual pics in individual posts. Here's one.
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Railing detail

One more detail of the cable system.
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the infamous railing

So, here it is, the railing you've all been waiting for. With the help of some great friends (John, Matt, Kyle, Mark, Terri) we were able to get the exterior railing installed this week. I still have the interior to complete, but if all goes as planned I should have it done by next week.


Snowshoeing at sunset

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It's cold here

Some of the crew on the walk around the lake. Soon after this Terri took her dive into the snow.
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This is Terri in the process of biffing it on her snowshoes.
We can cut her a little slack since this was her first outing on them since her ankle surgery.
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This is Nichole and Doug's place up in Timberlake, or someplace like that. It's up in the mountains and is pretty nice.
We did a little snowshoeing, and had our second dinner party gathering here.
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Here's something from LA. I've put up the maximum 500 pictures in an album but I don't know how to get to it. It's a google web album though.
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One from the Farmers Market in LA. There were Birds of Paridise all over there place in LA.
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This whole photo of the day thing is hard to keep up with. Especially when I go to LA for few days and take 800+ photos. I don't know what to start posting. Look for a link to other photos in the days to come, but maybe not. I think it's kind of nice to only have one to look at now and then. I guess if the people (that's you reading this) want more, you'll ask for more.
This is the pier at Venice Beach, CA.
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Happy New Year

Much has happened since the last post, Christmas vacation, a new year, and a dangerous but beautiful drive across the country. there will be more to come later.