Baby update

The latest from the doctor's this morning...All is well.
Cute little kid so far, huh...?


Thanksgivig fest

Logan, being a kid.

Logan, enjoying his "sucka".

Logan, doing that sweet dance move where you hold on to one leg and jump over it.

And a pregnant shot of Terri (because she's not in the room to sensor my postings.) She looks great pregnant no matter what she thinks.


latest work from the office

This is a project that I'm working on for Park City Mountain Resort.
Should be pretty sweet.


Makin' room for baby!

Out with the old (office)...And in with the new (nursery)!
We painted the room white (Sherwin Williams "Snowbound").
We wanted a clean, classic, and modern look.
The dresser will also serve as the changing table.
The office had to move to our bedroom.
We just picked up the frames today which is why they are all still in the packaging. Soon they will be filled with lots of baby photos!



Got out to the Hidden Forest area of Little Cottonwood this last weekend with CB and Talvy. This whole Daylight savings scam is cutting into our usable after work/school climbing time. But at least there are only a few more weeks until snow will cover most the boulders and I'll be skiing instead.