The week in review...

We had a really busy week while Tristan was home:
1) We hired someone with a Bobcat to help us tear out and level our entire back yard.
2) We finally had the roof above our addition fixed due to all sorts of damage that the previous owners left for us.
3) We had to tear down all the water damaged drywall from the ceiling.
4) We put up the new house numbers we got from Tristan's sister for Christmas.
5) We tore out the jungle that lived in our front yard and built a new flower bed.

Today marks the final 3-week push to finish the house in Bluff. Check the Bluff Blog to see the final product. Tristan also got an awesome scholarship for next semester, so we're really excited.

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  1. Ethan and I both think the backyard looks great!! I can't believe what a change! The house numbers are awesome too and looks like you have a whole new front yard. Awesome awesome!!