Terri and I were thinking about getting another dog this weekend (me more than her). We found these really cool dogs up for adoption. They were both Redbone Coonhounds. Beautiful dogs, you should look them up. It's a good thing we didn't get one, because later in the night we found out we already have a good coonhound. I let Denali out and before I could think Denali already had this raccoon in the tree. It was incredible. The coon was on our deck and Denali had no problem following it down the steps, across the driveway and up the tree. Just like a coonhound. (For those that don't know, Denali is our blind Jack Russell Terrier.) At first I thought it was the cat that used to hang around our house when we first moved in, but then I finally got a glimpse of it in the tree. We had to coax Denali back inside, because while she had surprise on her side at first, the raccoon, if it decided to come down from the tree, would probably have the upperhand. Terri, meanwhile, had barracaded herself in the computer room, afraid that the raccoon would blow past me in the doorway and go after her. I later found her looking up "raccoon danger" on the internet.
Tristan (T1T2)

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