Terri and I were sitting in bed with Max the other night. He was flipping through a magazine and started babbleling...finally, Terri was like, "I think he's saying Elmo." We've maybe only seen Elmo once on youtube, we never watch it on TV and don't really have anything around the house with Elmo on it. We guess he picked it up at school. Regardless, it's pretty cute when he says it. We picked up some hand-me-down toys from some friends yesterday, and they had this Elmo. Max has always been a little weirded out by lifesize stuffed toys, he's still not sure about this Elmo, but I think he's warming up to it.


  1. I think he said 'Elmo Cat' I always wondered what kind of animal Elmo was, now I know.

  2. Pretty smart little boy. His vocabulary is getting bigger.