Latest living room

As per numerous requests...here is our new living room setup.


  1. my neck hurts....
    put the tv up higher

  2. Sah-weet! Looks cool with those new IKEA shelves and picture frames. Next picture please...

  3. LOVE the color!

  4. terri8:05 PM

    Our ceilings are super high so the TV just looks low... :)

    I just wanted to mention the bad drywall patching that you can see if you look at this picture closely. Please note that this is NOT our work. Our plan for the fall is to tear out this weird old closet /"nook" and put up birch plywood paneling like The Bluff Crew did in the bedrooms of the bluff house and cover this drywall. Check out the Bluff blog for pictures. However, in the meantime, I could no longer stand the ugly purple color and had to at least paint it. We are also putting in new FLOR carpet tiles. www.interfaceflor.com

  5. Are those the ones that link together?