Terri also got some new plants for the front yard.
Tristan (T1T2)


  1. I had to scroll down to a BEFORE picture of the front yard, it looks great! And is that red?.. Were you going to paint the kitchen orange? Or did I just want you to do that. We just painted our kitchen this weekend too, it's yellow to go with the green, I need to take pictures of it and Logan's room. Thanks for the stripes idea. :)

    P.S. It was hard to figure out what the first picture was, but I think I get it now.

  2. terri9:16 AM

    The paint in the kitchen is more of a Red /Orange. It looks really good when it is dry. It matches our Le Creuset set almost exactly. We also tiled the backsplash in cork, which looks really good. More pictures to come... we still have to seal it. We are also working on the drywall in the family room, but that is more of a project...

    The top picture is of our bed. We cropped the picture because the mattress is so big our sheets don't really fit well any more and it looks silly! :)

  3. this looks sic. i'll be over tmrw to help you dig the barbecut pit.