Enjoying Summer

We're finally finding some time to get out and enjoy the things that attracted us to Utah in the first place, like hikes in the mountains. Well...not so much hikes, more like leisurely strolls along well established paths. But at least we're in the mountains! Tess doesn't like to be carried so long as Max in on the ground walking, sort of makes it hard to get anywhere fast. We'll get there...

We also got out on the water, which wasn't one of the things that attracted us to Utah...as there are only about 3 lakes withing a 50 mile radius of us. Thanks to our friends and their boat, we had a pretty great day out on the water. Max loved it, even being brave enough to jump in the pretty cold mountain snow fed lake. Although, I think he enjoyed being "captain" of the boat the best. That put a pretty big smile on his face when he wasn't concentrating on captaining.

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