Denali update. As you can see, she's still up for doing the "kangaroo", but what you don't see is the slow teetering and swaying. The vet said that she's getting better, but still is on her medication for another week or so. Her personality is coming back, but she's still not 100%. The vet seems to think that her illness is more neurological than inner ear, but we don't really know what that means. We're just happy that she's getting better. Keep sending those good vibes.
Tristan (T1T2)


  1. Well I was waiting for an update. Glad she is getting better.

  2. Hi you guys, I am so so sorry to hear that D-dog is sick, I will be sending her lots of good vibes. I have been thinking of her so often, I am in Alaska and have been in Denali and have thought of her sooo many times up here. I will look on your page to see how she feels in a little while.

  3. Just checking out your blog after looking at the Bluff blog. Do you guys ever sit still? The deck looks great! We are excited to check it out this weekend when we get together for Tristen's Bday! See you then!