For those of you who we haven't talked to this weekend, we thought we would give you an update. Our poor Denali is quite sick. After a 2:00 a.m. visit to the animal E.R., an emergency visit to her eye doctor, lots of internet research, and $600 we found out the Denali has a vestibular infection. We're not yet sure if the infection is just in her inner-ear or has reached her brain. She is very disoriented and is having a hard time walking and keeping balance. Basically it has impacted all of her motor skills, including her ability to blink. Sometime between the 2:00 a.m. ER visit and the time we woke up on Saturday morning, Denali also developed an ulcer on her eye because she doesn't have the ability to blink.

She is on six prescriptions (two oral antibiotics, one eye antibiotic, prednisone, anti-vertigo, eye lubricant) and is starting to do a little better. Best case scenario the infection is only in her inner-ear and she should be better in two weeks. Or, if the infection has reached her brain it could take months of medication to penetrate the infection.

Please keep our poor puppy in your thoughts. She still has her usual wonderful personality and is trying to be very happy!


  1. Oh poor Denali! Buy her a nice little treat for me. I hope she'll be okay.

  2. Give Denali a nylon frisbee and some love for us.